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Limassol Shore Excursion: Limassol is the second largest town in Cyprus after Nicosia. Located between two equally ancient towns, this city boasts archaeological sites that date back for millennia, but don’t worry thinking that you might only get some stones. Limassol is full with modern shops, cafes and a  vibrant nightlife.

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Limassol Shore Excursions Price: 30 EUR
Duration: 3 hours
Level Activity: Low
Extra Fees: There are no extra fee in the shore excursion in Limassol.

What's eating: Kebab, Mousaka, Kleftiko or the traditional Cyprus Meze
Souvenir: Sea Sponges are popular product of Cyprus, used as a bath/face scrub.

Code Dress: Please note the Dress Code recommended to enter any church. No shorts, bare shoulders or miniskirts. This applies to both men and women. Comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen are recommended


Our tour starts from the port of Limassol to go by bus to Kourion: here we will find the island's most important archaeological monument: the Temple of Apollo, with beautiful Corinthian architecture details. It’s an absolute must if you love history and antiquities, being one of the most popular archaeological sites and best preserved in the world.
From here we continue our shore excursion by bus to the nearby village of Kolossi, where we will visit the castle. This building, which is dated back to the Crusades period (thirteenth century), is linked to the history of wine production of the island, in particular to the production of local wine Commandaria.
Return to the port by bus and boarding.


*Shore excursions could be subject to variations due to external causes as Cruise Companies politics, weather conditions, duration of the stay of the ship in the port, legal demonstrations