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Florence & Pisa Shore Excursion: Ever dreamed of holidng the leaning tower of Pisa? And, at the same time, discover the cradle of the Renaissance? You can make both dreams come true in our shore excursion in Florence and Pisa!

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Shore Excursions in Italy, Florence Price:
55 EUR from Livorno or from La Spezia

Duration: 9 hours
Level Activity: Medium
Extra Fees: Headphones 2 EUR

We also provide a exclusive shore excursion in Florence

What's eating:Fiorentina (T-Bone steak); Ribollita is a famous Tuscan soup, a hearty potage made with bread and vegetables, being the main ingredients leftover bread, cannellini beans and vegetables such as carrot, cabbage, beans, silverbeet, cavolo nero, and onions.

Souvenir: Items with reproductions of famous paintings, like Boticelli's Venus. Leather clothing or leather shoes are great here. Pinocchio marionettes for the kids.

Code Dress:Please note the Dress Code recommended to enter any church. No shorts, bare shoulders or miniskirts. This applies to both men and women. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended


Leaving the pier, we'll head towoards Pisa - that we will reach in about an hour and a quarter starting from La Spezia, or in half an hour starting from Livorno - where we will have a short tour of the city. We 'll start the shore excursion from Piazza Garibaldi and we will reach Piazza dei Miracoli, where we will admire the famous Leaning Tower, the Duomo and the Baptistry. Then we will continue our tour walking along Via Santa Maria, passing through the University district, reaching Piazza dei Cavalieri, designed by Vasari, the designer of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, which overlooks the famous tower of Count Ugolino, named by Dante in his work, and the famous Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, where important people and nobel Prizes as Fermi, Rubbia and Carducci have studied We will continue our shore excursion passing under the arches of the characteristic narrow medieval streets, along which is the birthplace of the astronomer Galileo. Then we will reach the river Arno, from where we will admire important buildings, as the leaning house of Pisa, the Blue Palace , the Palazzo Mediceo with the tower from which Galileo made observations with the telescope. Then we will come back to the Piazza dei Miracoli to leave Pisa and to continue our shore excursion in Florence,- that we will reach in about an hour and a half - where we will have a pleasant guided walk through the streets of the city. A starting from Piazza Santa Maria Novella we will reach Piazza del Duomo, where we can admire the complex of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (from outside) with its imposing dome, the Baptistery (from outside) and Giotto's Bell Tower (from outside). Then we will head towards Piazza della Signoria, where we will stop to listen the guide and admire the architectural beauty of the building of the same name. Following the course of the Arno, we will walk towards the “Ponte Vecchio” where we will have the chance to browse among the stalls of the famous “Mercato del Porcellino”, so named for the statue near the lodge, which actually represents a wild boar on alert for the possible arrival of a hunter. Continuing our shore excursion, we will visit Piazza della Repubblica and we will get back to Piazza del Duomo , where we will have some free time to enjoy the city before ending the shore excursion. Then we will meet the group and our guide, to return to the bus that will lead us back to the harbor, in about two hours.


*Shore excursions could be subject to variations due to external causes as Cruise Companies politics, weather conditions, duration of the stay of the ship in the port, legal demonstrations