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Honningsvag Shore Excursion: With our shore excursion in Honningsvag will feel to you like a polar express ride! Why? Is the northernmost city in Norway. We will visit the North Cape, the point where the Norwegian Sea, part of the Atlantic Ocean, meets the Barents Sea, part of the Arctic Ocean and where the midnight sun can be seen.

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Honningsvag, Shore Excursions in Norway Price: 86€

Duration: 3 hours
Level Activity: Low
Extra Fees: There are no extra fee in the shore excursion in Hoonisvag

What's eating: Fiskesuppe: A white, milk-based fish soup with vegetables, usually carrots, onions, potato and various kinds of fish
Souvenir: Aquavit a Norwegian liquor

Code Dress: Good boots,raincoat or umbrella, waterproofs, warm clothes, gloves, hat, sunglasses. Generally comfortable walking shoes are recommended.


From Honningsvag we will go to the North Cape (40 minutes, entrance ticket included in the cost of the excursion), the northernmost point of Northern Europe, with its spectacular views over the barren Tundra where it grows only few birches, and where you can overlook mountains that rise all 'around and towering cliffs overlooking the sea. We can admire the ocean and the Arctic. Afterwards, we will have a panoramic tour in the area before the return to the harbour for the boarding.


*Shore excursions could be subject to variations due to external causes as Cruise Companies politics, weather conditions, duration of the stay of the ship in the port, legal demonstrations